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Pointe Shoes For All True Ballerinas

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Pointe shoes are what every ballerina dreams of wearing someday. Tightly fitted, but flexible, pointe shoes provide ballerinas with the opportunity to dance on the tips of their toes, while portraying the illusion of lightness. It’s what has been enchanting audiences for years, and why ballerinas have always sought pointe shoes that marvel their viewers. It’s why Bodythings has made it their mission to find the perfect pointe shoes for dancers.

For over 25 years, we have been offering our vast collection of pointe shoes to dancers of all ages and skill levels. As dancers ourselves, we know the struggles and ambitions that dancers have, and how finding perfectly fitted shoes makes all the difference. We consider every aspect of your needs, taking into account your potential technique, health and physique, and maturity. With this firm foundation of understanding, we can find pointe shoes that enhance your skills and elevates your performance.

Coupled with pointe shoe fittings, you will get our undivided attention and time. Our customer representatives will help you find shoes that fit snugly on your feet with just enough room to wiggle your toes. Our fittings are a detailed process, as we cater to your individual needs and concerns. You, therefore, deserve our full attention when finding the pointe shoes that bring out the real ballerina within you.

Pointe Shoes That Fit Perfectly

As a ballerina, you shouldn’t settle for shoes that aren’t comfortable, don’t last, and won’t improve your dancing. It is why, at Bodythings, we have a wealth of high-quality pointe shoes available from top-tier brands that cater to all different foot shapes and strengths.

Every dancer is different, and therefore, requires different support. It is part of the reason we offer a selection of pointe shoes from multiple brands. This way, we can find the brand and shoe that fits the strength of your feet and ankles, length and shape of your toes, and the overall shape of your foot and arch. We consider everything when choosing an appropriate style of pointe shoes.

We offer the likes of Gaynor Minden, Freed Of London, Capezio and Bloch pointe shoes as part of our selection. With several trained and experienced fitters ready to help you, there is no foot shape we can’t find shoes for.

Whether it’s Grisko or Freed pointe shoes, we make it our mission to find the shoes that fit correctly and enhance your dancing. We can make a difference in your dancing experience with our collection of pointe shoes and dancewear in Canada.

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